Toenail fungus and its psychological and social impact on sufferers

It’s not hard to comprehend that, aside from the physical issues, toenail fungus can bring about severe emotional burden to a sufferer. Imagine waking up one day and noticing a slight discoloration on your feet which only gets worse day after day. In fact, it has been proven by studies that this infection can have a devastating effect on people’s everyday life, ranging from a feeling of embarrassment and guilt to completely withdrawing from leisure activities or certain aspects of social life.

Suffering from nail fungus depression?

The usual way most sufferers react to contracting the infection is by simply refraining from wearing sandals or walking barefoot; as toenail fungus can at least be covered with shoes, it is a perceivable, but still not healthy thing to do. Others just choose to ignore the problem, pretending it would go away on its own, yet frustration and embarrassment simply end up gradually building up, leading to internal anguish and torment. On the other hand, other patients, following a more pessimistic attitude, come to grips with the notion of having to live with the issue for the rest of their lives. Finally, most sufferers can’t help but feel the judgmental, scared look coming from those around them who are worried about too picking up the disease. The bottom line for almost all these approaches is an ever-present feeling of shame and culpability, preventing sufferers from engaging in their favorite activities (like yoga or swimming) or simply from leading a normal social life, in hopes that their toenails would remain out of sight.

One doesn’t have to be an expert to figure out that the situation can easily spiral out of control. Therefore, if you are inflicted with toenail fungus, waste no time before you turn to a dermatologist, making sure you discuss the problem with them in a candid and outright manner. Your doctor will definitely help you realize that, first things first, toenail fungus is a disorder half of the people are bound to develop at some point in their lives; consequently, your feelings, though perfectly justifiable, should be combated with the help of some treatment (and, in fact, toenail fungus is usually mild and relatively easy to cure). Early treatment and proper consulting are the keys so that the infection can be dealt with before it spreads to neighbor nails or ends up critically hindering your social and professional life.

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