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Nail fungus is a burdensome and usually persevering infection which can have a bigger impact on the sufferer’s health than what most people expect. Being primarily a looks-related issue, however, many individuals choose to disregard it or just expect it is going to abate on its own. Unfortunately, in most cases, the infection not only persists but usually spreads to adjacent nails, bringing about additional harm to the surrounding skin. Luckily, sufferers all around the world have begun showing more interest into dealing with their fungal issues, prompting a burst in the pharmaceutical sector. Moberg Pharma’s proposal is Kerasal, a blend that promises to help patients enjoy reborn healthy nails. However, a question hovering over potential buyers’ heads is “Will this product work for me?”. Well, let’s find out.


Kerasal is an odorless and colorless formula which is available with an easy-to-use silicone tip applicator. Users should apply a thin layer directly onto the affected nails –making sure no contact with eyes or mucous membranes is made– and then wait for it to dry.

Kerasal ingredients seep through the infected nails working in the direction of improving their appearance. More specifically, the formula contains: Propylene glycol, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, Lactic acid, Urea and water.

Propylene glycol: A well-known emulsifier, it carries some anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties.

Glycerin: It is said to help in fighting off fungal infections and healing skin problems.

Sodium hydroxide: An ingredient which helps burn off the old nail, allowing for it to be easily detached.

Disodium EDTA: A chelating agent regarded as a fungicide, it aids in tackling fungal infections.

Lactic acid: Since fungi bloom in alkaline pH environments, generating agents that break down keratin and damage nails, this acid creates a hostile environment for the fungus by decreasing the pH levels on the nail.

Urea: It helps softening rough skin and damaged nails –leaving the healthy ones intact–, thus making it easier to do away with former and delivering improved nail appearance.


  • Is effective in terms of ameliorating the appearance of infected nails
  • Comprises of ingredients which diminish discoloration and thickness
  • Turns over palpable results within just 10-15 days of usage
  • Is easy to apply
  • Has a neutral scent
  • Is a reasonably priced product that is additionally easy to purchase

Does Kerasal Really Work?

As we’ve already mentioned, this is the question that concerns every potential buyer of cosmetic and health products. Unfortunately, the answer in Kerasal’s case is not that straightforward. Obviously, a substantial amount of feedback is positive, while most users seem to be satisfied with the formula’s ability to refine their nails’ appearance. Moreover, it is capable of delivering this result just after the first ten days of its application. However, the product fares worse when it comes to truly eradicating the fungus and treating the infection. Although some customers were happy to report complete healing within 3-6 months after starting using Kerasal, the majority of users were less satisfied regarding its potential to fully address nail fungus. And this shouldn’t in fact come as a surprise; a more careful look at the product’s ingredients reveals that none of them actually carries strong anti-fungal properties, resulting in the whole formula being virtually unable to effectively heal the users’ nails. In addition, the product is advertised with a safety warning clearly stating that “Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal does not cure or prevent fungal infections. Fungal infections of the nail can only be cured by prescription medication.” As anticipated, a significant number of testimonials have claimed that, once Kerasal is discontinued, their nails seem to be reverting to their rotten looks since the infection manages to bounce back obviously due to it having not been completely eliminated.

Where to Buy Kerasal?

Normally, you can shop for the product through the official Kerasal website. Still, an alternative can be to pick it up through Amazon, which can turn out to be a faster and easier way.


Despite its promising premise, Kerasal nail treatment doesn’t seem to be coping particularly well in the key area of eradicating the fungal infection and inevitably falls behind other competitive products. Without doubt, its formula can soften infected nails, therefore polishing their looks, but that is regarded as a secondary issue for most nail fungus sufferers. What customers want is a product that targets the source of the problem from deep within so as to then reach the surface –and not the other way round. Nevertheless, that is not to say that shopping for Kerasal is money gone down the drain, but the formula certainly fails to perform brilliantly in terms of effectively fighting off the fungus. Whatever the case may be, and factoring in that Kerasal is a relatively affordable product, a useful tip would be to purchase it and combine it with another blend bearing active ingredients aiming at actually dealing with the infection so that you achieve the healthy nails look you’ve been longing for.

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