How to disinfect shoes from Toenail Fungus

It has been well established that toenail fungus thrives in moist, warm spaces. And you don’t need to be an expert to figure out that shoes provide the perfect habitat for it. So, if you’ve noticed signs of toenail fungus developing, it is imperative that you eradicate the spores by disinfecting your shoes before things get worse.

Below is a brief array of the simplest and most popular ways to do so:

  • Technically, leaving your shoes to dry out in the sun may not be regarded as “disinfection”, but it truly contributes greatly to preventing fungal infections. Exposing your shoes to direct sunshine is an effective way of eliminating the fungus spores sprouting inside them, rendering them much safer to wear.
  • Obviously, the best way to disinfect your shoes is by spraying them with an anti-fungal foot spray. Foot sprays are potent at exterminating the bacteria generating fungi and preventing the disease from evolving; they also help your feet feel clean and tidy while performing your daily activities. So, after leaving your shoes out in the sun so that they get perfectly dried, take out the shoestrings and place them on a flat surface. Then, spray them thoroughly and deep, allowing the disinfectant to reach the toe areas in the front end. Since applying the spray renders your shoes damp, you need to leave them to dry in the open air as well as repeat the process at later time so as to eliminate surviving spores and maximize the method’s effectiveness.
  • Consult your podiatrist and pharmacist in order to get the optimum disinfection treatment. Potential solutions include Lysol sprays, various powders (that absorb excess moisture and carry potent anti-fungal properties), rubbing alcohol and even bleach (which can, however, turn out to be relatively harsh to the shoes themselves).
  • Vinegar is a natural, affordable and easy to apply solution that has been gaining popularity lately. Thanks to its acidity, vinegar is very effective in impeding bacterial growth. Just mix up a small amount of it with water and spray the mixture into your shoes whenever you remove them. Additionally, you can soak paper towels into vinegar and wipe your feet with them daily to further eradicate foot fungus.

It needs to be pointed out here that the effectiveness of the aforementioned methods can be severely compromised if you do not couple them with other, simple yet essential, fungus hindering methods. For example, you need to wear properly sized footwear that allows air to freely circulate around your feet, preventing fungus from reproducing. Moreover, wearing anti-fungal socks helps create a barrier between feet and shoes while soaking up excess moisture and stopping it from developing on your shoes.

Although toenail fungus can be triggered by several different reasons, adhering to basic shoe hygiene rules is essential in preventing contracting it as well as speeding up the healing process. So, make sure you regularly disinfect your shoes in one of the above mentioned ways so as to prevent foot fungus from undermining your health and compromising your daily life.

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