Puriya Wonder Balm Review

Puriya Wonder Balm
Puriya Wonder Balm

Puriya Wonder Balm is claimed to be one of the top anti-fungal treatments currently on the market, helping sufferers combat ailments such as nail fungus, athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch, cracking, inflammation, blisters etc. It is intended for individuals following active lifestyles who happen to frequent gyms, showers, saunas or public pools, getting inevitably exposed to a variety of infections.

Puriya Wonder Balm has managed to gain popularity thanks to the wide range of anti-fungal and anti-microbial ingredients it contains. So, let’s find out if its promising formula of can deliver the results it’s been credited for.

A 100% all-natural ingredients blend

Puriya Wonder Balm does away with synthetic substances and artificial additives, incorporating exclusively natural ingredients which practically guarantee the lack of side effects. The list includes several therapeutic, plant based ingredients like Grade Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Beeswax, Olive Oil as well as Vitamins C and E, Macadamia Nut Oil and Rose Geranium Oil. It’s worth mentioning that many of the above mentioned ingredients have been utilized by several civilizations in the past in curing a broad range of ailments and disorders. As a side note, potential customers should be warned that Wonder Balm has a strong scent, which obviously isn’t to every user’s liking.

What is so special about Puriya Wonder Balm?

Puriya Wonder Balm boasts a blend capable of combating a number of skin conditions related to exposure to warm and moist environments. Its synthesis is capable of soothing itchiness, decreasing swelling and hindering clogging of the skin pores while creating a barrier between contaminated surfaces and your skin, shielding athletes as well as dynamic individuals from contracting skin diseases.

How does Puriya Wonder Balm soothe from infections that effectively?

A feature that truly makes Puriya Wonder Balm stand out is that its formula is specifically developed to stay on your skin and nails longer than other conventional treatments, thus securing skin repair and protection as well as forming a shield against fungi and bacteria. In addition, its potent natural ingredients can effectively heal ailments like athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch and other fungal infections.

The four-stage healing process

Part of the product’s strength lies in its four-stage healing process, which delivers a thorough remedy for sufferers. More specifically, the antibacterial properties the formula bears greatly alleviate from irritability and itchiness, paving the way for stage two: the treatment stage, which is taken care of by Macadamia Nut Oil and Beeswax that soften and moisturize the skin while removing spots and rashes. Subsequently, as the sophisticated stay-on formula remains on the skin longer than ordinary cosmetic products and creams, skin repair carries on persistently and efficiently. Finally, Puriya Wonder Balm enters phase 4 (dubbed the “re-occurrence prevention”): its powerful blend creates a mighty barrier against potential future infections.

How should I apply the product?

Putting on Puriya Wonder Balm is an effortless procedure provided it is carried out with care. First, the infected area needs to be cleaned in order to prevent the infection from spreading as well as optimize the results. Then users should apply the product directly onto the infected skin areas. Nail fungus sufferers should make sure they apply the product on nails clipped as close to the nail bed as possible. Needless to say, you should meticulously wash and dry your hands before and after applying the balm onto the infected areas. Depending on the condition being treated, patients may use the product once or twice a day without discontinuing even if the infection appears to be receding so as to stop it from reoccurring.

Does Wonder Balm treat all cases?

Well, not exactly. Puriya Wonder Balm aims at eliminating several foot, body and facial skin ailments but can’t do wonders for more extreme cases, which might need to be tackled by the patients consulting a medical experts. For example, eczema sufferers may not be able to see the results they want. In addition, feedback from acne sufferers doesn’t seem to be that supportive, either. In any case, you have to remember that persistent infections such as nail fungus or athletes foot take time to heal, so you need to have realistic hopes, while, in most severe cases, you may need to consult your physician and opt for more powerful solutions.

Are there any side effects?

Bearing exclusively organic ingredients, Puriya Wonder Balm is almost devoid of side effects. Still, some users have reported mild irritation, while those very natural constituents can trigger some moderate allergic reactions. Therefore, we recommend you go through the ingredients listed on the label to find out if the ones you may be allergic to as well as apply the product on a small patch of your skin before making more extensive use of it. Pregnant women should also expect no adverse reactions related to using Puriya Wonder Balm, although they should consult their doctor before proceeding to using it.

Where can I shop for Puriya Wonder Balm?

The safest way to purchase Puriya Wonder Balm is through Amazon. However, potential buyers can also get the product on eBay, Walmart, or Walgreens. What matters the most, though, is the 180-day refund option the product is available with, which attests to the manufacturer’s faith in its effectiveness. The cost in itself is an issue, as Puriya Wonder Balm isn’t deemed a particularly affordable treatment; still, the 2-oz package can see most users through for at least six months of daily use.

Our Verdict

All in all, Puriya Wonder Balm can significantly relieve sufferers from a number of skin and nail issues. Its powerful, all-natural formula can efficiently combat those ailments with no worrisome compromises on your overall health status. Drawbacks do exist, in the form of the relatively strong smell, the possibility of itchiness or mild allergic reactions, and probably the price tag. Moreover, there is always a chance of the blend not working for every single user, while some people ailed by more abnormal conditions may need to have them dealt with by professionals. However, the final verdict is undeniably reassuring, making Puriya Wonder Balm a product suitable for a wide range of skin conditions.

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Kerasal Review


Nail fungus is a burdensome and usually persevering infection which can have a bigger impact on the sufferer’s health than what most people expect. Being primarily a looks-related issue, however, many individuals choose to disregard it or just expect it is going to abate on its own. Unfortunately, in most cases, the infection not only persists but usually spreads to adjacent nails, bringing about additional harm to the surrounding skin. Luckily, sufferers all around the world have begun showing more interest into dealing with their fungal issues, prompting a burst in the pharmaceutical sector. Moberg Pharma’s proposal is Kerasal, a blend that promises to help patients enjoy reborn healthy nails. However, a question hovering over potential buyers’ heads is “Will this product work for me?”. Well, let’s find out.


Kerasal is an odorless and colorless formula which is available with an easy-to-use silicone tip applicator. Users should apply a thin layer directly onto the affected nails –making sure no contact with eyes or mucous membranes is made– and then wait for it to dry.

Kerasal ingredients seep through the infected nails working in the direction of improving their appearance. More specifically, the formula contains: Propylene glycol, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, Lactic acid, Urea and water.

Propylene glycol: A well-known emulsifier, it carries some anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties.

Glycerin: It is said to help in fighting off fungal infections and healing skin problems.

Sodium hydroxide: An ingredient which helps burn off the old nail, allowing for it to be easily detached.

Disodium EDTA: A chelating agent regarded as a fungicide, it aids in tackling fungal infections.

Lactic acid: Since fungi bloom in alkaline pH environments, generating agents that break down keratin and damage nails, this acid creates a hostile environment for the fungus by decreasing the pH levels on the nail.

Urea: It helps softening rough skin and damaged nails –leaving the healthy ones intact–, thus making it easier to do away with former and delivering improved nail appearance.


  • Is effective in terms of ameliorating the appearance of infected nails
  • Comprises of ingredients which diminish discoloration and thickness
  • Turns over palpable results within just 10-15 days of usage
  • Is easy to apply
  • Has a neutral scent
  • Is a reasonably priced product that is additionally easy to purchase

Does Kerasal Really Work?

As we’ve already mentioned, this is the question that concerns every potential buyer of cosmetic and health products. Unfortunately, the answer in Kerasal’s case is not that straightforward. Obviously, a substantial amount of feedback is positive, while most users seem to be satisfied with the formula’s ability to refine their nails’ appearance. Moreover, it is capable of delivering this result just after the first ten days of its application. However, the product fares worse when it comes to truly eradicating the fungus and treating the infection. Although some customers were happy to report complete healing within 3-6 months after starting using Kerasal, the majority of users were less satisfied regarding its potential to fully address nail fungus. And this shouldn’t in fact come as a surprise; a more careful look at the product’s ingredients reveals that none of them actually carries strong anti-fungal properties, resulting in the whole formula being virtually unable to effectively heal the users’ nails. In addition, the product is advertised with a safety warning clearly stating that “Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal does not cure or prevent fungal infections. Fungal infections of the nail can only be cured by prescription medication.” As anticipated, a significant number of testimonials have claimed that, once Kerasal is discontinued, their nails seem to be reverting to their rotten looks since the infection manages to bounce back obviously due to it having not been completely eliminated.

Where to Buy Kerasal?

Normally, you can shop for the product through the official Kerasal website. Still, an alternative can be to pick it up through Amazon, which can turn out to be a faster and easier way.


Despite its promising premise, Kerasal nail treatment doesn’t seem to be coping particularly well in the key area of eradicating the fungal infection and inevitably falls behind other competitive products. Without doubt, its formula can soften infected nails, therefore polishing their looks, but that is regarded as a secondary issue for most nail fungus sufferers. What customers want is a product that targets the source of the problem from deep within so as to then reach the surface –and not the other way round. Nevertheless, that is not to say that shopping for Kerasal is money gone down the drain, but the formula certainly fails to perform brilliantly in terms of effectively fighting off the fungus. Whatever the case may be, and factoring in that Kerasal is a relatively affordable product, a useful tip would be to purchase it and combine it with another blend bearing active ingredients aiming at actually dealing with the infection so that you achieve the healthy nails look you’ve been longing for.

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Zetaclear Review

ZetaClear is an organic formula that combats nail fungus and restores the natural color of the nails.

ZetaClear Review
Zetaclear ~ Clear Anti-Fungal Solution

Nail fungus is an infection that can that can severely compromise the looks of your nails while also giving you ill-smelling feet. Unfortunately, many sufferers seem to be OK with this disorder, considering it a minor nuisance and opting for ignoring the problem; however, you should bear in mind that nail fungus can sometimes evolve into something much bigger than simply thickened or discolored nails (for example, it can pose a substantial threat for individuals suffering from diabetes) if not taken care of on time. So, whether the fungal infection you are afflicted with simply undermines your nails’ appearance or serves as a wake-up call urging you to take action, ZetaClear is a product you should definitely give a shot at.

Here’s why.


One of the aspects that make this product stand out from the pack is its dual character: ZetaClear comes in both an oral spray with homeopathic ingredients and a topical solution which act in a coordinated way so as to deliver nourishment, relief and elimination of the fungus through fighting it from both inside and outside.

Starting with Zetaclear oral spray, its formula boasts ingredients like Antimonium crudum 200C, Arsenicum album 200C, Mancinella 30C, Nitricum acidum 30C, Sulphur 12X, Thuja occidentalis 200C., backed by a 20% alcohol base. Let’s have a closer look at what they can achieve:

  • Antimonium crudum: Helps fight off redness and drainage of the tissues surrounding infected nails, thus decreasing sensitivity and itchiness.
  • Arsenicum album: Endorsing the body’s natural healing abilities, it stimulates tissue rebirth and speeds up the healing process.
  • Nitricum acidum: Boosting healing at the surface of mucus membranes, this element promotes healthy circulation to nail beds resulting in discomfort diminishing significantly and the fungus receding at a faster rate.
  • Mancinella: Backing Antimonium crudum, Mancinella too limits drainage of the tissues surrounding infected nails, bringing about a welcome sense of relief against inflammation, discomfort and swelling.
  • Sulfur: An ingredient boasting acclaimed capabilities in terms of dealing with skin irritation issues, Sulfur helps fight off itching while promoting your immune system.
  • Thuja Occidentalis: Also used in eliminating warts, this ingredient effectively copes with nail infections, thus significantly enhancing their health.
  • Alcohol Base: The ZetaClear’s diluting agent, it helps augment the formula’s homeopathic capabilities, soothing the inflammation and speeding up the healing process.

As for the Zetaclear topical solution, its key ingredients are Tea Tree oil, Undecylenic acid, Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Lemongrass oil, Lavender oil, Clove oil and Vitamin E. Its worth mentioning that these ingredients are approved by the FDA. More specifically:

  • Tea Tree oil: A well-known natural ingredient with regard to combating funguses, it also carries anti-septic properties that have proven to be invaluable in treating nail fungus. As a result, it grants ZetaClear impressive effectiveness in eradicating fungus and bacteria while mitigating redness and itching.
  • Undecylenic acid: A fatty acid produced by distilling castor bean oil, it is a major ingredient in this blend thanks to its effectiveness in dealing with all sorts of funguses; additionally, it bears anti-bacterial properties which help weaken inflammation and itchiness as well as ameliorate your system’s immunity.
  • Almond oil: Packed with vitamins and fatty acids, it filters through tissues so as to help other ingredients reach the infected areas, ultimately tackling inflammation, healing the skin and delivering a soothing sensation to it.
  • Jojoba oil: Essentially a wax resembling the oil produced by the human skin, Jojoba oil makes for a rich-in-antioxidants substance that can be easily assimilated by the skin so as to effectively moisturize it, speeding up the healing process.
  • Lemon grass oil: Carrying antiseptic properties, it fights off the bacteria favoring fungus formation, treats swollen tissues and improves blood circulation, further stimulating the healing process.
  • Lavender oil: Its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties guarantee this element’s strong qualities against the infection, while also providing your skin with a sought-after relief from itchiness.
  • Clove oil: While in some cases likely to aggravate your skin, this extremely concentrated essential oil is actually pretty effective in eradicating the fungus while simultaneously promoting the production of immune cells.
  • Vitamin E: Containing big quantities of antioxidants, it nourishes the skin surface, promoting healing and stimulating the growth of new healthy nails.
How Does ZetaClear Work
Zetaclear – How does it work

How to Use

Despite ZetaClear being a two-step product, using it is not all complicated. The oral spray is pretty straightforward to puff, while the built-in application brush the product comes with allows for effortless application under the nails, helping its potent blend penetrate deep into the skin and be rapidly absorbed so as to ultimately eliminate the fungus.

It is recommended that you use ZetaClear twice a day (preferably upon waking up and before your going to bed) for at least two weeks. Applying the solution carefully will enable the blend to unlock its potential and bring your nails back to their natural, fungus-free condition. Finally, make sure the topical solution stays away from your eyes.

Does ZetaClear Really Work?

Well, evidence suggests it does, and does so quite effectively. Customers who used the ZetaClear combo for a few weeks began noticing visible results, while in most cases, users were able to spot gains in just one week of use. Eliminating the nasty smell, effectively removing fungus and effortlessly applying the topical solution have also been met with positive comments by actual users. In addition, the combined power of the fungicidal properties contained in the product help rejuvenate the skin, provide relief against the pain and treat inflammations bringing about no side effects.

One last thing that should be noted here is that no treatment – and ZetaClear is no exception – can be 100% effective when it comes to curing nail fungus. Therefore, although you are undoubtedly advised to proceed to using it, don’t forget that results may vary from one person to another depending on age, nutritional habits, genetic predisposition and so on, while some extreme cases may fail to be treated.

Major Benefits

  • Efficiently eliminates nail fungus and treats infected nails
  • Stops the infection from spreading to other nails
  • Infiltrates bloodstream reaching the source of the fungus
  • Grants healthy nails and does away with the odious smell the infection typically provokes
  • Alleviates from redness and itching
  • Is a chemical-free formula that poses no side effect risks
  • Has been clinically proven to work
  • Is backed by positive user testimonials
  • Topical solution comes with a brush applicator, making it is easy to use and enabling you to reach all over the nail bed
  • Is sweet-scented in contrast to other products thanks to its organic blend
  • Comes with a 30-day trial guarantee which enables to ask for a refund if you are not pleased with the results


Fungal nail infection is an irksome disorder that can be much more than a superficial issue. It’s an indication that your nails need to cured. Taking care of it quickly without encountering side effects requires a remedy containing pure ingredients and carrying powerful anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Zetaclear is exactly the combination you need to treat your precious nails, eradicating the fungus, wiping out yellowing and enhancing their health. Backed up by a good deal of beneficial reviews and providing you with an option to back out and claim your money should you not get the results you’ve been looking for, ZetaClear is a dependable natural product that can greatly assist you in getting rid of nail fungus in a relatively short period or time.

EmoniNail Review


EmoniNail is a topical solution designed to fight off nail fungus, a medical disorder which affects a significant percentage of the population around the world, steadily allowing for healthy nails to grow back in place of the affected ones. A fairly recent addition to the growing list of similar products, it appears to be one of the most promising treatments to the uneasiness a nail fungal infection brings about. Let’s find out more about it then!


Unlike other similar products, EmoniNail contains only three key ingredients: Undecylenic acid, Tea Tree oil and Sunflower oil. More particularly, Undecylenic acid is an FDA approved fungicide which primarily deals with the fungus, Tea Tree oil too carries potent anti-fungal properties, while Sunflower oil, maintaining fatty acids and Vitamins A, D and E ensures the healing ingredients are conveyed deep into the affected nails while at the same time moderating itchiness and redness.

How To Use

Applying EmoniNail is an unfussy process that would only take some minutes out of your daily time. It is important, however, that you not cut corners before actually carrying out the main process. So, cutting the infected nail is the first but crucial step that would decrease the area receiving treatment, allowing for the formula to penetrate deeper within it. Washing the nail with warm water to loosen surrounding skin and drying it meticulously is the second, equally important step for a successful treatment. Following these, you apply the product onto your nails with the special brush provided, wait for it to dry and the strong anti-fungal properties of the formula will take over from there. Once the infection abates and new, fungus-free nails have developed in place of the older ones, it is time for you to discontinue using EmoniNail.

Does It Really Work?

In essence, EmoniNail is a method capable enough of eradicating fungal infection provided the user employs it twice on a daily basis while strictly complying with the instructions cited on the official site. However, one aspect you need to keep in mind is that EmoniNail is not a formula which promises to perform miracles: customers usually have to wait for some weeks before they can notice the improvement which will eventually allow for healthy nails to reemerge; as a matter of fact, this observation appears to be the reason why this particular product has not yet gained the popularity other competitive treatments currently enjoy.

Major Benefits

  • Incorporates the FDA approved Undecylenic acid, which has been proven an acknowledged ingredient with regard to curing nail fungus
  • Carries essential oils which speed up the healing process
  • Drastically clears nail fungus since it focuses on hitting the fungus on its root
  • Is a safe and organic way of eliminating nail fungus
  • Is easy to utilize since it comes with a special brush, saving time and effort
  • Is available with a 60-day refund option that you can activate should you judge the product didn’t deliver the desired outcome

Side Effects

The blend does not include harmful substances that can have a negative impact on your health, therefore it is understandable why very few customers come up with complaints concerning side effects. As a result, once you settle on using EmoniNail to take care of your fungus issues, you can rest assured that this product is highly unlikely to trigger any adverse reactions.

Where To Buy

The way we advise you to shop for EmoniNail is via its official site. In any case, shopping online is the only choice available, since stopping by a store to pick up the product is not currently an option. An issue that many buyers bring up is the cost: the company charges $ 53 for each bottle, which is somewhat overpriced, although discounts on multiple bottle packages significantly knock down the cost (for example, a much more affordable offer includes shopping for three bottles for $ 108). Still, compared with other treatments, EmoniNail cannot be considered a low-cost solution, so if you are on a low budget, you may also need to examine other, cheaper alternatives like Funginix or Kerasal.


Despite concerns about the limited number of ingredients the EmoniNail formula includes when set against other OTC treatments, the product seems to be working fairly decently in combating nails fungus. (After all, fewer ingredients incorporated in a formula does not necessarily render a product ineffectual, and vice versa.) Another factor which needs to be taken into consideration is that, since EmoniNail has relatively recently joined this market sector, evaluating its effectiveness on a broad basis is a slightly more demanding task than it is with regard to other, more established alternatives. Having said that, the majority of consumer testimonials are favorable. Whatever the case may be, the product’s side effects free blend ensures that giving it a shot will not put anything at risk. So, if you’re fixed on shopping for a natural remedy that can do away with the irritating nail fungus issue, EmoniNail is a choice you should seriously consider. At the same time, if the relatively steep cost puts you off, you can still shop for one of its competitors.

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Funginix Review


Funginix is a topical solution containing active ingredients, essential oils as well as herbal remedies which aim at fighting off the nasty nail fungus infection that an increasing number of people worldwide seem to be affected by. Currently enjoying one of the highest rates in terms of customers satisfaction, it has proved to be a potent product when it comes to remedying the fungus around fingers and toes.


Funginix contains a wide array of powerful natural ingredients boasting anti-fungal properties. Here’s the list with the most important ones:

Undecylenic Acid

The Funginix formula relies heavily on Undecylenic acid, which is extremely effective in aiding the human organism to heal itself following injuries or infections. Sisquoc Healthcare Solutions, the manufacturer behind Funginix, mixed it in this potent blend so as to initially delay fungus growth and subsequently completely eliminate it. What’s more, Undecylenic acid relieves patients from the burning and itching sensation that infected tissues cause.

Tea Tree Leaf Oil

Packed with fungicidal and antiseptic properties, this ingredient helps cure nail fungus while alleviating from discomfort, cleaning tissues and nurturing your nails.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E includes antioxidants that promote the healing process through destroying free radicals and battling the infection.

Sweet Almond Oil

This natural oil is rich in vitamin A, B and E as well fatty acids that have proven to be very competent at combating skin infections and inflammatory conditions. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it has been blended into the Funginix formula, since it allows for healing ingredients to penetrate deeply into the nails and surrounding tissues while also hindering itchiness.

Aloe Barbadensis Juice

Extracted from a plant bearing great anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, this juice renders the Funginix formula extremely capable of curing nail fungal infections while also reducing troublesome inflammation.


A fairly customary ingredient with regard to curing fungal infections on fingers and toes, camphor has unsurprisingly been blended into Funginix. It gives a cooling sensation which reduces discomfort and relieves itchiness. Since the anti-fungal properties it bears deliver better results when combined with Menthol, both these ingredients have been used in the formula.

Rose Hip Flower Oil

Packed with fatty acids, retinol and Vitamin C, this element strengthens the affected nails and improves their texture, with the added bonus of reducing inflammation and rendering a welcome soothing feeling.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is pretty effective at dealing with viruses and bacteria, thus being a very applicable ingredient in preventing the growth of microbes and effectively treating nail fungus while also helping patients overcome discomfort and itching.

Propolis Extract

A healing substance extracted from bees, propolis comes packed with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which fight infection, speed up the healing process and shield the nails from future fungus growth.

Other ingredients

The list is rounded off by ingredients like Oleth-10 phosphate (which acts as an emulsifier), Jasmine oil (which lessens sensitivity and relieves from itchiness and dry skin), Cocoa butter (which moisturizes the affected area), Triethanolamine, Propylene glycol, Clove Flower oil, Bearberry extract, Phenoxyethanol, water and more.

How to Use

Applying Funginix properly is of vital importance if you want the product to deliver its full potential. The solution comes with a built-in applicator brush to enable applying it twice a day onto the affected nails, making sure your hands and feet have been cleaned and dried beforehand.

Does It Really Work?

Owing to its very potent blend, Funginix is truly able to display very satisfactory results. Being specifically designed to combat fungus around the affected nail, its use works miracles in causing damaged nail to shed off, ultimately allowing for new healthy nail to be reborn. User testimonials back this up by testifying to this product’s effectiveness. Slight concerns are related to the product sometimes taking some time before actual signs of improvement can be observed, while there is always the possibility of it delivering inadequate results for a certain – yet limited – number of sufferers.

Major Benefits

  • Is a powerful blend incorporating perfectly safe, FDA approved ingredients which attack the fungus from multiple angles, yet working topically, thus bringing about no side effects
  • Works to eradicate the fungus (as opposed to merely delaying its appearance) preventing the infection from recurring
  • Boosts the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and anti-infection capabilities
  • Is effective on all kinds of funguses
  • Has been reported to deliver fairly speedy results that can be observed just two weeks after applying the product for the first time (although more severe cases might call for the users to wait for a little longer)
  • Comes with a 60-day no-questions-asked refund guarantee
  • Is a relatively affordable product with special coupon offers available accounting for a significant discount in the total cost
  • Is straightforward to use, featuring a practical brush cap which makes treating the affected nails almost effortless
  • Is created by Sisquoc Healthcare Solutions, one of the leading companies in healthcare industry, a testimony to the product’s effectiveness and safety

Side Effects

The ingredients featured in Funginix guarantee that its use is safe with regard to adverse reactions. On top of that, consumers (including those on prescription medicines) generally report its application to be trouble-free, with some minor complaints involving allergic reactions (namely, irritation and redness) to some of its ingredients. Should you truly have doubts prior to trying it, it is advised you consult a doctor.

Where To Buy

Funginix isn’t available at pharmacies or stores, so the way to pick it up is through its official website, where you can also find a wide range of offers as well as a handy FAQ page about the product and how to properly maintain nail health. Don’t be tempted to buy it from other websites, especially when you come across fancy “one time” offers, as you might end up with a product that will probably deliver poor results or even compromise your health.


In conclusion, Funginix is a natural treatment which can improve ugly and discolored nails by combating the root of the problem, thus effectively eliminating the problem. Owing to its combination of traditional and herbal ingredients, the product is absolutely safe to use. Couple it with the 60-day money back guarantee and there are really few reasons why you wouldn’t opt for it for curing your fingernail and toenail fungus.

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