Nail Fungus: What is it, how to deal with it and which are the best treatment options

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What is nail fungus and who can get affected by it?

Nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a nail infection which easily manifests itself through white, yellow or brown discoloration of the nails that also causes them to become thicker, more delicate and eventually more prone to breaks or cracks. Although for the majority of the sufferers it is typically linked to cosmetic concerns, it is a medical condition that can also induce pain and discomfort at times. A fairly ordinary disorder, it affects almost 5% of the Western countries population. While almost any adult can get it, the risk of getting affected by the condition rises significantly for the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

Apart from the elderly, athletes can also be very susceptible to nail fungus due to poor hygiene standards that pools, showers, locker rooms etc. are usually associated with. Owing to the fungus being able to spread through tiny small cracks in the nails or the surrounding them, it’s no wonder that the chances of contracting it skyrocket in these places. What’s more, tight athletic apparel and sneakers pose an additional hazard when it comes to picking up the infection. Therefore, if you abide by the “prevention is better than cure” motto, you should avoid wearing shoes that make your feet hot and sweaty, refrain from walking around public showers barefoot (socks and flip-flops can be a great idea) while making sure you keep your feet nice and dry as much as possible.

But what if the precautionary measures you’ve so diligently employed turn out to be less effective than you’ve hoped? There’s no need to panic. The situation is clearly not ideal, but it’s far from signaling the end of the world. Obviously, treating nail fungus can be a tedious process (depending of course on how severe the condition is) while it can also frustrate many sufferers, which is unfortunately why some of them opt for ignoring it instead of actually dealing with it.

This article illustrates a number of ways that can help you get your nails back to their former, healthy state, saving you from the embarrassment of having to hide your hands (or your toenails during summer). These are supplemented by the top four choices currently available in the market that can aid you treat your nails the way they deserve it. Rounding off our presentation is an overview of the ways to shop for these products and what to actually expect from them.

Product Ranking Success % Rating Price
#1 Zetaclear

1 97.1 4.5 out of 5 $35.97
#2 Funginix


2 93.5 4 out of 5 $74.95
#3 Kerasal


3 92.8 4 out of 5 $29.58
#4 Emoninail


4 84.3 3.5 out of 5 $29.95

Nail fungus treatment methods

There are several ways aiming at dealing with nail fungus issues. Needless to say, their effectiveness is highly determined by properly employing them as well as making sure you comply with fundamental hygiene rules. So, what can you fight this nasty infection with?

Ointments: Containing anti-fungal and antiseptic properties in copious amounts and made of all-natural ingredients, these creams are usually applied onto pre-soaked infected nails, delivering fairly decent results.

Topical Solutions: Apply them onto the nails and the surrounding skin allows for strong nails growing again owing to the effective natural ingredients contained.

Drugs: They are capable of more efficiently clearing fungal infections and helping new healthy nails grow by doing away with the infected part. To use them, you should have a doctor’s prescription, while mild side effects (nausea, headaches) cannot be totally ruled out.
Home remedies: Risk-free natural products made from ingredients found at home can also offer great relief and discernible results. Baking soda, bleach, listerine, apple cider vinegar and even garlic are packed with anti-fungal properties that can help treat the embarrassing problem.

Medicated Nail Polish: At times, you have to go with concealing the problem. If that’s the case, medicated nail polish is the ideal remedy. Applying it on your infected nails and surrounding skin is trouble-free, much like conventional polish; still, the anti-fungal properties those products carry do not just mask the situation but help fight off the fungus.

Laser: Not the most popular method, and usually a costly one, this method can drastically eradicate nail fungus by targeting the fungus spores. Still, results aren’t always that encouraging, leaving some room for concern.

Following these treatment methods, we’ve come up with a list of four first-rate products that work with high success rate and can be of great help in your battle against nail fungus. Their mild, yet advanced formulas allow for preventing fungus while also working against recurrence. Provided you stick to the instructions of use, there is really no particular reason why you can’t achieve notable results if you settle upon using them.

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1) Zeta Clear

ZetaClear is a two-step product, consisting of a topical solution and an oral spray particularly aimed at more potently tackling nail fungus problems. Combining two procedures ensures that the fungus is attacked from both inside and outside.

Featuring powerful all-natural ingredients especially blended in its formula, Zetaclear initially employs an oral spray that helps limiting your body’s fungus levels once it is has been soaked up by your blood. Rounding up the process comes the topical solution, which after being applied directly onto the affected nails, goes through them before setting about attacking the fungus.

Applying Zetaclear on the nails generates a welcome warm feeling free of the burning sensation that many similar products are typically associated with. Moreover, with both formulas consisting of organic ingredients, is comes as no surprise that Zetaclear is deemed a very safe, side-effects free nail fungus treatment.

The primary ingredient contained in Zetaclear is undecylenic acid, accompanied by almond oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, lemongrass oil, clove oil and vitamin E. As for the oral spray, it boasts homeopathic ingredients like arsenicum, nitricum acidum, sulphur, antimonium crudum and others.

According to consumer testimonials, ZetaClear displays a strong success rate among nail fungus sufferers provided they are patient enough so as to use it three times a day for a few months before they notice real differences. Finally, the FDA approval the product has managed to earn add to its high effectiveness and safety rating.

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2) Funginix

funginixFunginix is a topical solution whose anti-fungal ingredients are considered very effective in eliminating infections. A topical solution containing first-rate ingredients, it is highly praised for delivering strong results in a fairly short time period.

Funginix ingredients include tea Tree oil, sweet almond oil, rose hip flower oil, camphor, aloe barbadensis juice, propolis extract, lavender oil, jasmine oil, vitamin E and many others which allow it to be easily absorbed by affected areas and surrounding skin, delivering excellent fungus eliminating results.

Featuring those superb anti-fungal ingredients especially blended in its formula, Funginix has proved to be very competent in restoring patients’ nails and promoting their healthy growth. What’s more, that very organic formula delivers it free of side effects.

Boasting one of the highest user testimonials approval rate, Funginix is a great way of combating nail fungus. Obviously, as with every medical product, instructions of use should be strictly followed, and Funginix should be applied twice a day for best results. Other than that, its FDA approval, coupled with practically no complaints coming from its users, round out its safety and effectiveness for the majority of sufferers.

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3) Kerasal

kerasalKerasal has been around for quite a long time, managing to gain a lot of popularity among users, and not without adequate reason, as has proved to be potent in terms of reducing nail thickness and discoloration while promoting healthy grow.

Kerasal is a great solution intended at coping with nail fungus and renewing the looks of your nails. Its key ingredients include salicylic acid, urea, lactic acid, sodium hydroxide, water and others, which help softening the infected nails and lead to them peeling more easily, ultimately restoring their appearance and natural thickness.

Easy to apply (since it comes in a very convenient silicone tip applicator) and virtually odorless, Kerasal works from the inside out, making its way through the nail and targeting the source that causes the infection. As long as the instructions given are appropriately followed, the results should be evident in a fairly short timespan (usually within just 10 days), while the product’s natural blend ensures you do not need to worry about side effects either; however, it is advised that women abstain from it during pregnancy.

All in all, and despite not completely eradicating nail fungus, Kerasal works successfully in improving damaged nails appearance and remedying cracked and discolored nails.

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4) EmoniNail

emoniNAILEmoninail is a topical solution regarded as one of the most effective ways to treat nail fungus by penetrating deep into the plate, and tackling the fungus residing in the nail bed. Provided it is used as advised, it can deliver speedy and safe results in restricting the infection’s growth on the skin.

The ingredients contained in the Emoninail formula are undecylenic acid, tea tree oil, sunflower oil, water, phenoxyethanol, glycerin and more, which help in restoring bright, healthy nails, promoting the healing process and fighting off itching caused by the infection within just a few weeks. All ingredients are FDA approved, accounting for the lack of adverse effects.

Coming with an easy-to-use brush applicator, Emoninail is also fairly uncomplicated and safe to apply and dry on the affected nails twice a day. Side effects are extremely rare; however, should you encounter irritation, it is recommended that you stop using it and consult your doctor.

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Applying nail fungus treatment products

As you may have guessed, the array of nail fungus treatment methods usually translates into differences in formulas, such as creams, topical solutions, nail polishers, prescribed medications and more. Needless to say, sticking to the specific instructions provided for each one of them is strongly advised for best results as well as for avoiding unwanted side-effects.
Typically, nail fungus treatments should be used twice or thrice a day after preparing the infected nails so as to allow those products to completely unfold their potential. Keep in mind that the desired results may take a while before bevoming apparent to avoid unnecessary frustration.

How exactly do those products work?

As already mentioned, the infection is caused by the fungus attacking the nail before getting deeper to the nail bed and spreading, bringing about discoloration, cracking, irritation, itching and even pain as the infection worsens. Therefore, nail fungus treatment products come with potent ingredients with powerful anti-fungal properties which aim at imparing conditions that favor proliferation of the fungus, killing fungal cells and preventing them from growing and reproducing, while also nourish the nails. In the end, the nails emerge healthy once again. Obviously, most of these products don’t work instantaneously while some may take up to six months to achieve their full potential.

What are the basic ingredients included?

Although anti-fungal formulas typically vary in terms of the components incorporated, the basic one normally are:
Essential Oils: Extracted from various plants, they bear anti-fungal or antimicrobial properties, they effectively combat bacteria and fungus while triggering no side effects. The most popular ones are almond oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, clove oil and more.

Undecylenic Acid: A very common ingredient featured in topical solutions, it is FDA approved and comes packed with mighty anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which prevent fungus from growing on the skin.
Other ingredients usually found in anti-fungal blends are glycerin, phenoxyethanol, propolis extract and others.

Where can I purchase these products?

Shopping for a nail fungus treatment product can sometimes be trickier than you think. Availability can be an issue whereas scams lurk around the net.

To avoid getting deceived, or even worse, jeopardize your health, make sure you purchase the products from their official websites and carry out your transactions with their official resellers. It’s the only secure way to pick up the real products which can truly relieve you instead of ripping you off.

Are they truly safe?

Made from natural ingredients, all four products presented above are highly unlikely to cause side effects. This is backed by users reviews and testimonials, although minor complaints have been at times reported involving itching, redness, nausea or allergic reactions. To be on the safe side, consult your doctor prior to using them.

Should I count on nail fungus treatment products?

Although nail fungus is an annoying infection with significant health as well as cosmetic repercussions and apparently no one enjoys walking around with it, when it comes to dealing with it, a hefty number of sufferers ultimately choose not to proceed to any kind of treatment. Lack of trust or hope that the ailment will finally give way can be the reasons for that decision. Whatever those reasons are, though, there shouldn’t be any doubt when there is an actual chance of restoring your nails healthy status.

The products we presented above are indeed potent in tackling the nasty nail fungus symptoms and ultimately the infection itself, granting your nails the a healthy look. Moreover, they come free from side effects and adverse reactions thanks to their organic formulas. Therefore, do not hesitate to move on to treating the infection; and as you actually start employing them, you will be witnessing your nails gradually doing away with the fungus and getting back to normal again, which will definitely boost your confidence and put the smile back on your face.

Strong, bright and healthy nails is what you deserve. The choice is yours.

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